AL-MINA (Al-Safina’s workshop) has been created in 1995 and is presently taking care of 25 young  mentally handicapped persons who live in their families and come daily, from various parts of Damascus, to work together, live together and share educational activities such as sport, psycho mobility, rhythm, etc… This is allowing them to grow, to be integrated in social life and to find a different taste of life.

The workshop group

During the last five years, Al-Safina has developed creative activities with persons with mental handicap. We started with colored cards then we learned how to produce recycled paper. The Workshop has several sections:

  • The awakening workshop for the new ones or the less gifted persons; they have educational toys, they make drawings, mix colors, learn how to peel vegetables, etc…
  • the paper section where old newspapers/magazines are recycled to produce new paper of a very special quality. This new paper is used for several purposes, mainly for packing Aleppo soap.
  • the image section is where dried leaves, flowers or sand are used to make beautiful framed paintings and cards.

The awakening workshop

The cards section

Nada is placing soaps in their boxes