Training on Non-Violent Communication

From March 26 to April 1, 2011: training on non-violent communication. Ms. Widad Bicher took some time away frum her community in  Trosly (France) to come to Damascus and spend a week in the community of Al-Safina.

We were 17 people to profit the most from the training offered by Widad.

The main objective of this was to facilitate communication among  the different  teams (work (house, workshops…) in order to improve relationships.

1st day: working on  observation, interpretation, judgement.

2nd day: learn to express ones feelings and explain ones attitudes.

3rd day: express ones needs .

4th day: request expected actions.

The calm and nice  presence of widad in Al-Safina and her rich experience in the Arche have enabled all assistants to express themselves with  open hearts.

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