The workshops and internet

Yamen, the new assistant in charge of the workshops, brought new ideas for the production workshop and created new models that seem to boost sales. We are confident for the future of this workshop. If you have little presents to offer, please think about us and come to our workshops, you will most probably find gift ideas that suit your needs. Please note that you will soon find on our website a modest catalog showing the offered products where you will be able to place your orders.

About 25 handicapped persons are presently coming to our workshops and we need more space to accept new demands (the waiting list is constantly increasing). We should seriously think about the possibility of creating a new workshop in Damascus or in surrounding areas.

In the workshops handicapped persons do not work only, they also receive help to educate their body and their mind.  After the departure of Marie-Christine, it is Jacqueline who took over the psycho motivity courses. Every Monday she takes care of 3 groups of handicapped persons and she tries to transmit her knowledge to other assistants.

We are in the process of setting up a website that will improve communication between us and between Al-Safina and other L’Arche communities in the world. By logging into our website you will soon be able to find all need information about Al-Safina (and also send us your orders for our workshop products)

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