the 20th anniversary of Al-Safina

on December 11th 2015, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Al-Safina. For this occasion, Stan came to meet us to participate in    the celebration. It was his first time back in Syria since 2011; we welcomed him with emotion. Thanks to him, we experience and cultivate our relationship with the greater community of L’Arche. In this day of celebration, we were overjoyed to receive so many messages of friendship and support, especially from Jean Vanier, whose message lit up our celebration!! To look back on these 20

years, make them alive in the present, and give thanks to God for everything He has given us. During the mass he celebrated, Father Nawras spoke about how Jesus crossed the sea with the apostles; to go from one shore to another calls us to be ready to shake up our lives; things might be different on the other shore. He called us to go forward without fear; a crossing is always an ordeal, and we must not let ourselves be overwhelmed by fear.

After a few words from Rima and Ghada, Michel Kassouha helped us relive the whole history of Al-Safina. We drew the L’Arche boat and placed a few people inside it. A few former assistants were present; some who are no longer in Syria sent messages that showed that they were present with us in spirit. In the last 20 years, many people have worked with us,

and we felt them close to us.

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