Syrian & American artists

Syrian & American artists, musicians, and youth with disabilities engage in groundbreaking dialogues & collaboration efforts

On August 1st, The Open Hands Initiative launched a series of historic programs in Damascus to engage Syrian and American youth and adults directly with each other. The groundbreaking programs seek to promote people-to-people understanding, friendship, and trust by enabling collaboration and cooperation in the spheres of everyday life- including disability, music, art, and culture.

Al-Safina partnered with the Open Hands Initiative and 3 youth were chosen to participate in the summit.  Nada, Salim and Tarek are pictured with the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma al-Assad, who was actively involved in the three-day summit.  The youth worked with disability and comic book experts to create innovative and groundbreaking new global publishing platforms for promoting equality and inclusion while reflecting common Syrian and American values. These publications will be printed and distributed in Syria, the US, and around the world.

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