Rima Moussalli visite Alsafina

On October 2nd Rima Moussalli, the founder of Al Safina, visited the community during a trip to Damascus.  During her visit she participated in the community tea time that brings together people of Al Safina.  Later in her visit, on Monday the 4th, she met Ghada Touma, our new director and was able to share at length with her.  She was also able to meet some members of the Board during her stay.

Rima, who left the community in 2000 after her marriage with Assaad Salame, is now in Perth, Australia.  She is the mother of two children and runs an influential association for mentally handicapped children.

Youssef, Gaby, Karim, Wafa and Samer, members of the community that Rima received before leaving the community, have expressed their pleasure of seeing her again. All those who accompanied her in the difficult work of the founding of Al Safina were happy to see her share a moments with her again.  Unfortunately her time in Syria was limited, but we hope to see Rima again, often; even though Australia is far away.

Rima undoubtedly experienced great emotion as she found solace in the larger community with new people.  The seed that was planted more than 15 years in Syria has yielded great fruit because, beyond the community, there are many people who live the spirit of L’Arche and aspire to discover a new perspective on the lives of disabled persons.

We wish Rima and her family the very best as she continues her life and work in Perth.

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