L’Arche in Syria helping families displaced by the conflict


The conflict in Syria has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis across the country. To help displaced and impoverished families, L’Arche Al-Safina is working actively with Caritas Damascus by using its experience and existing networks in the city’s poor neighborhoods. The community has been doing “Family Support” work in the area for several years now.

Marie Drouby has been in charge of this mission since July 2013. In the Al-Safina community, food rations are distributed to 600 displaced families, who hail from different parts of Syria. Among these families, we have noticed that there are a number of people with disabilities – physical or intellectual – that they have had from birth or as a result of the ongoing conflict.

Aside from food rations, 37 families have also benefited from financial help to pay their rent, and another 50 families have received clothing and blankets. Caritas provides the financial and material help, while Al-Safina has been handling distribution and interaction with the families.


We witness many acts of solidarity around us. Through this mission, we want to contribute, in our way, to help families in need, and bring assistance to all our compatriots so that the flames of hope are never extinguished.

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