Lettre de Jean Vanier, Pâques 2014

In a world where there is so much suffering,
I want to live each day,
yes, each day,
in thanksgiving,
giving thanks to God, because life is so beautiful.

I love to watch the flowers emerging from the earth,
and the littlest daisies,
they are so beautiful, and so humble.

None of these are big or elegant flowers like roses,
they are so tiny, so fresh,
colorful and close to the earth;
they are like a smile from the earth.
I don’t know who planted them,
perhaps they land in this earth,
carried here by the wind,
breath of life.

I love to watch the birds,
the sparrows,
sometimes the pigeons
the little doves,
and soon the swallows.
They move so freely from tree to tree,
branch to branch ,
so beautiful!

The moon, some evenings we see it so clearly,
as it shines down on us with such gentleness,
and tenderness.
With compassion as well,
as it looks upon the hatred
and the wars of this world.
And yet, the reality is so beautiful.
Yes we are called to love reality and not to run away.


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