Rihab’s departure

In May, Rihab, the house leader for the last 2 years, left Al-Safina to get married….

Rihab who arrived at Al-Safina 4 years ago as an assistant in the house and assistant at the workshops for 1 year, assumed her responsibilities with great generosity. The departure of an assistant is always a difficult moment , as the persons get attached to them and it>s not easy to start new relationships. Fortunately the departure of Rihab coincided with the return of Bouthayna from England.
Buthayna knows Al-Safina very well. She started helping out as a volunteer and in 2001 she become the head of the workshops. For the last 2 years she stayed in 2 different Arch Communities in England which gave her good experience and opened new horizons, that will be very precious for Al-Safina in the years to come.
Good luck Rihab and welcome Bouthayna…..

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