Christine et Gladis

Christine and Gladis (two twin sisters of 22 years old) have joined the Community. They had already spent a trial week at Al-Safina and we have decided to accept them. They are originated from Khabab (a village at about 50 km south of Damascus). Following the death of their mother they were placed in a Lebanese institution but soon were sent back to their village. Their father (who owns a little commerce in Khabab) was soon unable to take care of them and asked us to accept them in our Community. When you meet them, you feel that they are happy with us, affectionate and always ready to give you hugs and to show you the house.

The arrival of new persons in the Community is always somewhat destabilizing for a Community and the new comers must always adapt to new rules in the group. Christine and Gladis quickly learned to help in the dining room and in the kitchen. They understand all what is said to them but have difficulties to articulate and express themselves in a clear way.

They are helped to do so by the older members, who play parental roles. They had to learn how to establish relations with the other persons but also how to take some distance between each other. Having always lived together and looking almost the same, they need time to find their own identity. We are now finding significant differences between them, and it is our role to help them grow and find their place in the group. This is a hard task for the assistants who are personally taking care of them, providing them  with exercises and games that focus their attention and interest. We hope that next year they will be ready to join one of the available workshops.

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