Recent events Al-Safina

We also have some “social events” to share with you , Yamen got engaged and 3 birthdays were celebrated (Gaby, Wafaa and Samer).

Last but not least, Al-Safina community celebrated on June 12th the 80th birthday of frère Jacques Picard (ammo Jacques or uncle Jacques) who is the most senior member of our community. For the occasion a mass was celebrated by father Franz, and a big feast with dinner was held in the presence of members of the Committee and many friends who helped either in the foundation of Al-Safina (with Rima Moussalli) or in the support of the Community during all these years. This was an occasion of joy surrounded by many friends and family members who came from various and sometimes far horizons.

Meeting people is an important element in our lives, but meeting people means going out of yourself to meet the other who can be very different from you, in full gratuity. Going out of yourself to meet the Man is also the adventure of God who came to meet us: God came to meet us before we looked for Him. In this world where things are inclined to be organized and institutionalized, in this globalization that tends to standardize all aspects of our lives, the value of the human person tends to be forgotten. We should always remember that the human person who has always been in the heart of the Bible, and should never forget to place the person with a handicap in the heart of our communities.

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