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Letter from Jean Vanier, Easter 2014

In a world where there is so much suffering,I want to live each day,yes, each day,in thanksgiving,giving thanks to God, because life is so beautiful.I love to watch the flowers emerging from the earth,snowdrops,primroses,violets,and the littlest daisies,they are so beautiful, and so …

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L’Arche in Syria helping families displaced by the conflict

The conflict in Syria has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis across the country. To help displaced and impoverished families, L’Arche Al-Safina is working actively with Caritas Damascus by using its experience and existing networks in the city’s poor neighborhoods. The community has been doing “Family Support” work in …

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Letter of Jean Vanier for Christmas 2013

Here in France we live Christmas in peace, but there are so many who are living Christmas in war and suffering. I send you this letter so that we can pray together for them and for each other. Click here to read the letter

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Products 2013


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Formation in Taanayel from the 3rd to the 6th of December

For the first time All Al-Safina assistants, the Community Council and the Comity travelled together to Taanayel Convent in Lebanon to meet with Stan and Widad who came from France. The main theme of this reunion was non-violant communication, welcoming new assistants in the house and …

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Open Doors

True to its tradition, Al-Safina braved the fear caused by the current situation in Damascus, and opened its doors to its faithful friends on the 23rd and 24th of November 2013. Al-Safina wanted to spare its friends the risks of traveling from one area to the …

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