3 days in Taanail monastery

In January 2012 a group of 7 Al-Safina assistants gathered for 3 days in Taanail monastery in Lebanon. This encounter was animated by Stan, middle-East coordinator, father Adel, a Jesuit priest and member of l’Arche in Egypt and Ghada, Al-Safina responsible.
It was a time for healing, formation and going deeper into the value of l’Arche.
Part of this encounter was spent which a Lebanese group animated by the desire of founding Arche community in their country. The presence and experience of Al-Safina members was very valuable for this group.
The main theme was the fundamental values and Mission and identity of l’Arche. This is a common base for all the Arche Communities, which might be lived differently in each culture.

A reminder of the basic identity of l’Arche
Together, whether we have an intellectual handicap or not, we share our life in communities that are member of an international federation.
The mutual relations and trust in God are the heart of our commitment. We assert the unique value of each person, and our need for each other.
A testimony from the assistants :
The questions that Stan asked : “what do we do at l’Arche?” , “how do we do it and why?”, “what sense do we put into these daily gestures, apparently without value?” . All these question made us think hard and deepen our relation with the handicapped persons that we accompany.
This formation gave us the certainty that we are on the right track, that we belong to a big family and we not isolated.

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